Luis de Cubas Sr has had under his power Boxers as Joel Casamayor, Ramon Garbey, Odlanier Solis. He currently has Rances Barthelemy, Yunier Dorticos, Murat Gassiev and others.

If you ask a Boxer about Luis deCubas Sr he will tell you two things, the first one is that the contract has to be read from bottom to top five times before signing it and the second is that if there is a Cuban promoter that is going to get you the good ones fights Luis de Cubas Sr is the most indicated and capable man.

Luis de Cubas Sr is in our opinion the most important Promoter / Manager of Cuban origin in Professional Boxing at present.

Frases de Boxeo had Mr. Luis de Cubas Sr exclusively and told us about tonight’s event on the #PascalElbiali card, his plans now and for the future of his promoter;

«First of all, I want to thank all the people involved who could make this event possible, without them none of this would be a reality, we are sure that tomorrow it will be a tremendous event, it will be full of many people, many fans, they will participate in the evening many boxers who are still undefeated, with a great level and talent, and we are expecting an amazing show «

Recently, on November 21 of this year there was another mega event where the return of former world champion Devon Alexander was the most attractive of the night when he defeated his rival Walter Castillo via the DU and without a doubt the Florida fans are very attached to boxing, so it is thought that in 2018 there may be more and better projects;

«I want to thank the PBC (Premiere Boxing Championship) because they have fights on Fridays, Saturdays and even on Sundays and I also want to thank Al Haymon, since they together manage to hold big boxing events, something very positive. South Florida is a place where we can see good boxers, with quality, talent and level, and they come here to fight and provide a good show to the entire public of Florida «

With so much emerging talent in boxing, specifically speaking of Cuban boxing, Cubas Sr has in mind several names in mind to be able to bring them to South Florida to fight;

«Leduan Barthelemy is one of the names we are thinking about bringing to be the #1 star in our events here in Florida, he is a very good boxer, with a lot of talent, many skills and a very good level of competition and can come here to do great things»

The fight that is on everyone’s lips especially to Cuban people linked to the world of boxing; Vasyl Lomachenko against Guillermo Rigondeaux, Cubas Sr gave us his opinion about it;

«It is more than clear that the favorite is Vasyl Lomachenko, there is no doubt about it, but if there is someone in the world of boxing who can defeat the Ukrainian phenomenon, that is Guillermo Rigondeaux, Rigo is one of the best fighters currently, so if someone can beat Lomachenko, that is Rigondeaux «

Given the amount of followers, fans and how good for business it has become to carry out boxing events in South Florida, Cubas Sr has plans and projects for the future;

«There are going to be many great events for South Florida, the Muhammad Ali trophy is in mind to do fights here, as well as PBC wants to keep doing it, and also many young boxers of great talent and projection will come to fight here, Since most of them are latins, and Miami is the base of latins, so they will feel at home, as well as we plan to do many boxing events with local and Cuban boxers such as Livan Navarro, Eduardo Peréz and many more. They want to show to their people, their audience what they are made of «

«I want to thank Chris and Angelo Dundee who were the people who started with me in boxing, the ones who helped me, I want to thank all the fans for supporting boxing in Florida and telling them to expect good things for Cuban boxing and for all of Florida, and you guys, thank you very much for the opportunity «

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